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The NEW!!! the Catalogue of stamps of all world SCOTT 2017 on 3 DVD...
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New catalogues of stamps, coins, banknotes
 May, 24 | 2007
On a site there were new catalogues stamps, coins and banknotes...
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Standard catalog of WORLD PAPER MONEY.
1961-Present (2007). 13 edition.
 Fev., 20 | 2008
The NEW!!! There were new catalogues of banknotes WORLD PAPER MONEY under the editorship of 13 edition....
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Numismatical programs to download programs for numismatists

to Download programs for numismatists,
to download free of charge programs on coins

1. To download the program for numismatists CoinManager24 (, 1.71Mb)

to Download free of charge program for numismatists CoinManager24 Here that was waited by all numismatists of the world, it - CoinManager24 , your manager of coins, a database. The personal catalogue, with the detailed description and photos. The best programmers specially for numismatists have created this creation, объять it is impossible for its possibility, they неограничены. By means of it you can easily find a necessary coin in your collection. Now it is not necessary to conduct magazines and to write down the similar information in Exele and other programs unsuitable for this purpose. It is necessary to look on screenshot, And all becomes extremely clear, this thing for you.

2. To download the program for numismatists Moneten (Moneten.exe, 2.78Mb while is not present for downloading)

to Download the program for numismatists Moneten
One more very quite good program - Moneten . The manager of coins, yes-yes is engaged it in that, as CoinManager24 , but on the. Here too there is a competition, therefore if it is not pleasant to you CoinManager, then Moneten that is necessary. For example in Monetenе there is a built in special calculator that is not present at its competitor, well and so on under the list. Look necessarily as in comparison value of the program is learnt.

3. To download the program "the Encyclopedia of the numismatist v1.01" (2 Mb while is not present for downloading)

to Download the program for numismatists the Encyclopedia of the numismatist v1.01
Electronic multimedia the collection for the numismatists, including the encyclopaedia of coins with names practically all coins, since occurrence of monetary business and on present time with the detailed description, illustrations Section, etc., посвященый to European Union coins ( Euro and eurocents ) with their detailed description and colour illustrations; the catalogue « Coins of the Post-Soviet period of Russia » where all coins with instructions of an exact date of issue are described, the sizes (a thickness, diameter), weight, metal, circulation etc. with colour illustrations; section « Russian-speaking numismatists » in which the information on numismatists of Russia is collected, Near and far abroad with the contact information (the address, phone, e-mail, www-resources), numismatics directions. Each numismatist can place the information on absolutely free of charge; The information on places of meetings of numismatists and places of sale of coins on regions (to cities and areas) Russia, Near and far abroad, with instructions of days and time etc.

4. To download the program for numismatists "the Directory of the numismatist 2007.0.0.0" (1,64 Mb)

to Download the Directory of the numismatist 2007.0.0.0 it is free the Program the Directory of the numismatist 2007.0.0.0 it is free, the Software of numismatists
The directory of the numismatist represents the directory on coins of the Soviet period and modern Russia. In the directory key parametres of coins, such as weight, diameter, metal, test and others are presented. With colour illustrations of coins. On many coins the prices in roubles are given. Export possibility бызы in Excel, Word, the Notebook, etc. Ample opportunities

5. To download the program for numismatists - "Cabinet" (Office) (2,4 Mb)

to Download the program for numismatists - Cabinet, it is free Program Cabinet it is free, the Software for collectors the Program the Office free of charge, the Software for numismatists to Download numizmatics programs - program Cabinet Crfxfnm ghjuhfvvs lkz yevbpvfnjd, tcgkfnyj to Download the program the Office free of charge
The Program "Cabinet" is created for automation numismatical and others Collections also is based on following principles: - simplicity and laconicism in use; - input, storage and processing of objects of a collection (such as coins, medals, counters etc.), and also accompanying information (the arms, flags, history, governors etc.);
  • - the maximum flexibility of the user interface;
  • - possibility of export and import of given
  • - support of two languages, with possibility of their editing by the user
    To download the program follow the link (on a site, will open a new window, choose the suitable version of the program and download it. In the same place you can find the instruction on installation and program use.

    6. To download the program for numismatists - Pocket Change 1.2 (For Palm OC)

    to Download Pocket Change 1.2 (For Palm OC) it is free
    For platforms: Palm OS
    The Interface: English
    Extends: Shareware $8.00
    The File: Pocket Change 1.2 (ZIP, 49 кб)
    Pocket Change - the program for numismatists. You can bring in it the full detailed list of the coins, value of a collection and comments.

    7. To download the program for numismatists - Coins Collector 2 (4,54 Mb., while is not present for downloading)

    to Download Coins Collector the program for numismatists free of charge to Download free of charge program for numismatists Coins Collector
    The program is intended for numismatists and people taking a great interest in coins.
    Create own catalogues with the detailed description and photos of coins.
    Key functions of the program:
  • - Creation of unlimited number of catalogues
  • - More than 40 characteristics for each coin.
  • - Possibility of preservation of 4 photos for each coin.
  • - Поодержка 20 directories for the description of coins.
  • - Creation of own directory of the Numismatist.
  • - Ample opportunities on sorting, groupings and sample of coins.
  • - Possibility of export of data in a text file, Excel and HTML.
  • - Creation various WEB catalogues.
  • - the Exchange of catalogues with other users.

    8. To download the program for numismatists - CoinsProgram (7,2 Mb.)

    to Download CoinsProgram free of charge program for collectors of coins
    The numismatical program for collectors of any numismatical material.
    Distinctive features of the program:
  • the Big flexibility of structure of storage of the information, allowing to store the information on coins of any states and epoch;
  • storage Possibility to each coin of its photos аверса and a backspacing (copy photos);
  • Extensive help base about coins of Imperial Russia.
    For program use it is necessary to have Microsoft Office Access XP.

    9. To download the program for numismatists - "Numismatist" (5,3 Mb.)

    to Download the Numismatist free of charge program for collectors of coins
    "Numismatist" is intended for drawing up of an electronic copy of your collection of coins. The program interface is intuitively clear and completely in Russian!
    "Numismatist" it is possible to use and as the electronic catalogue of coins. At desire in a database it is possible to bring though all catalogue Краузе! Check on
  • a site of the program of updating of collections and download them!

  • the Basic possibilities of the program "Numismatist":
  • Addition of unlimited number of coins.
  • More than 30 characteristics of coins.
  • the Convenient mechanism of addition of images (loading from a file, through clipboard).
  • Creation of unlimited number of collections.
  • Convenient filters and sorting allow to find and group quickly coins with similar characteristics.
  • Search and replacement of data in a collection.
  • collection Listing.
  • Possibility of drawing up of the catalogue (a coin with the status "demo"). Prices VG, Fine, VF, XF, Unc and others.
    Program site:

    10. To download the program-database for numismatists Coins-DataBase

    to Download free of charge program-database for numismatists Coins-DataBase
    The program is intended for conducting the electronic catalogue of coins. It is convenient in use. Besides possibilities of the account of the versatile information on coins in the program the big set of functions is realised: search and sample of data by various criteria, sample export in MS Excel, export of the registration form of a coin in MS Word, viewing of images and many other things. To look the description of the program with screenshots, to make the offers on the further development of the program, to download a demo, to order the full version and to subscribe for updatings it is possible on portal Numizmatik. Ru

    11. To download the program for collectors Collmate 1.36

    to Download the program for collectors Collmate 1.36 collecting
    You can describe a collecting subject, attach its photo and enter any other information. The program immediately will show, what they and when should be returned of subjects are out of a collection, at whom. The built in generator of reports will allow you to create and print reports, lists of subjects and catalogues of collections, and the designer of reports will give possibility to create own reports. Thanks to export function all information can be published on the Internet. Collmate is a universal manager a collection which can be used for management of any collections from DVD disks to the Chinese vases. "

    There are catalogues of coins and banknotes , Krause 2008 and others.

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